When friends are there to pull you out of a lonely a depressed state. Things don’t look so bleak any more…….. smilies-bank-sit-rest-160731

Perhaps I am not as lonely as I thought considering that all it takes just one person to make a difference in another persons life.

Kudos 🙂




lonely-portrait-advertisement-black-and-whiteWhat is the source of this inner sadness I feel

Trapped in my own thoughts of loneliness like a bird in a cage

Like layers of an onion that I must peel

Another chapter in my life and I turn the page

Is this a curse?

Emotions linger within

Moving about wildly

What to do? Where do I go?

What is my pattern? Do I have one?

Will I ever find the path to true happiness or is that all an illusion of man kind?

Shall I go to the mountains and find total isolation?

Or shall I find a small island where villagers all know my name?

In a huge city of over a billion people I find my self alone. hmmmmm



I purchased a 7 pack harmonica set from my local music store. For the life of me I can not seem to find my old harmonica that I purchased some years ago. After going nearly mad in trying to locate it. I finally gave up and just decided to buy another one. Instead of one a blues kit of 7 followed me home. The set comes with 7 harmonicas each in a separate key from A through G. Wich I thought this was pretty neat idea, The fact that the kit also includes a nice a carrying case that holds each Harmonia in a little slide in partition is a plus. I could not be much happier with this purchase. But will I be able to play them or will this be a feeble attempt at something new. I guess there is only one way to find out.

Sunday Coffee

I have the radio squelching away in the background as I sip my morning coffee deciding what to do with my day. Should I go on another ride this morning or do something else. The sun is out and the day seems grand. I can hear some one on the radio complaining to a distant station about life and how no one gives a damn any more. Interesting but not surprising, haha, all I ever seem to hear on the radio are people ether mocking each other or complaining. I am sure this is nothing new and has been going on for years. Perhaps I yearn for a good old-fashioned conversation. Some day it will happen I am sure. Eventually I will meet another who feels the same and we will hit it off probably.

hmmm this was supposed to be posted at 7 AM 😛 I guess lack of sleep can do that to a person.

I brought three new shirts yesterday and new undershirts as well as briefs. Amazing how therapeutic shopping can be. But dangerous as well, thankfully I have a sense when enough is enough. Most of my friends hate shopping, I don’t mind it much as long as it is productive and not too wasteful I was never one to just squander monies away. Am I guilty of a few impulse buys, yeah but I guess we all are. I will miss brick and mortar stores when they are all gone. I do not get the same feeling when shopping online. For the most part the only difference I see is the ease of shopping from the comfort of my home plus having the item mailed to me. Huge plus, but only when the delivery is reliable. Most often it is hit or miss depending on where you live. As far as savings I guess it depends on the item and how much fuel and time it would take to get it at a local store as opposed to mail order. I have no idea why am I saying all this, perhaps it is nothing more than for me to type. These topics are nothing new, I am simply clearing my thoughts of nonsense.

Maybe it is time for my daily dose of House of Cards 😛 Yes on a Sunday Morning.


Malformed Security Header Blues

OK, So this Monday past I go to turn on my computer and was greeted by a unfamilure and unfriendly messages on the screen.

‘Malformed Security Header’

‘Failed to read header: Invalid Parameter’

‘Failed to Load image: Invalid Parameter’

‘start_image() return Invalid Parameter’

WTF was the first thought that came to mind. After countless hours of searching each one of the messages. Of which Google was not much help honestly. I feel as though the search engines hit rates of irrelevant results are more add and sales based now. In the past it seemed that search results on particular subjects were more spot on. I even searched Google on why google results were irrelevant and came across some articles explaining the sales based nature. I guess that is the way things are going now. But back to my issue at hand. I came accross some articles regarding the installation of Ubuntu 16.x and newer system BIOS that use UEFI boot partitions. After learning about how the system works and whether I truly needed it in my case. I decided to turn on ‘UEFI/Legacy mode within the BIOS  setting of my computer. Found an article on how to perform a Bootloader repair and convert my Ubuntu from UEFI to BIOS Legacy mode. It required loading the Ubuntu Live CD and installing the boot-repair utility. I will not go through all the steps as there are plenty of articles on the subject matter or maybe I will save that for another post. I then determined what drive the Ubuntu install was located on using the gparted partition management application I deleted the EFI partition located at the begining blocks of the drive with the Ubuntu install and created a unformated partition that would be used for the ‘Old School” legacy BIOS boot process. The Partition I created was a non-formated blank 500MiB in size. The requirements are > 1MiB so I figured I would simply use the same space that the EFI partition occupied. After completing this and then running the boot-repair. It was a matter of un-checking the ‘use separate EFI partition’ option within the advanced menu. I also chose to install GRUB on the same drive as the OS. I forgot to mention this is a dual-boot system. Which is no longer handled by the other Linux boot loader. Now I simply just use the BIOS boot menu to select the drive I wish to boot from. *Sigh* I am glad I did not follow a lot of other posts and articles of having to reinstall the OS even though many have stated that reinstalling and using the option to ‘install alongside’ keeps my documents and applications. I was unsure how well that would work. I opted to step back and research the situation. I am so glad that I did because now I am back on my system with all my apps and documents intact. It’s a love and hate relationship that me and Linux have, I would not have it any other way I guess. It is amazing how dependent on computers we have become.


I am just glad to have my system back…..

End of Computer rant.

Mood: Happy, Relieved and accomplished.

Good Morning!

Good Morning New York!

Amazing what a bit of sleep can do for this long-haired devil. 🙂 Yesterday I literally stayed indoors the entire day. Perhaps I guess I was in one of those moods of total laziness. I ran some small errands in the morning, I really enjoyed the rain and the clouds. While I was not depressed I was not happy ether. Feelings of loneliness and well some what of a rut feeling kept creeping in. But I managed to put that all to the side and watch Netflix. When ever I find my self in those type of moods, I constantly tell my self I will be happy. It is so easy especially for me to give in easily to those lazy/lonely moods to the point of slight depression. But I manage to pull  my self out. I do tend to get bored very quickly, I have always been like that. Is that a bad thing or a good thing?

Well enough of yesterday, today is a brand new day and the sun is peering in through the curtains of my windows. According to the weather report looks like it will be a beautiful day! So I better make the best of it!

Should I dress totally retro today and enjoy the odd stairs? I am a huge 60’s and 70’s era fan. I was thinking, bell bottoms, hair down rose-colored rock glasses, Haha A Crazy patterned poofy-style loose-fitting shirt that just drapes over me like a mid-evil sword fighter. Opened just enough to tease but not expose haha. Or should I dress more conservative and church like for the Sunday folks. Perhaps a Tee and jeans will be the choice of the day. Ding, the sound of my toaster letting me know that my muffin is ready to be consumed. Ahhh…. (scuttles to the kitchen)

Fade in, coffee in hand and muffin in the other, I place them next to me on the desk. (Typing continues). My how time flies, why does it seem that anything after 7AM feels like it is already later in the day. When technically it should well, still be starting. I guess my getting up early each and every morning is why this feeling is such for me. It’s not like my hair stylist will be open anytime soon, especially on a Sunday. I want to have some split ends taken care of. Hey the rock look isn’t easy you know. (OK that was lame) It is just so nice and sunny and I woke up feeling good, My sinuses can be a bitch sometimes. But this morning (god I hope I don’t jinx it) I feel fine. Sip Ahhhhh! Coffee…. This Latin guys heaven.

Random thought: While perhaps no one out there is reading this, I don’t blame them. I find this therapeutic. A way to just blurt out my thoughts, nothing crazy of course, out to the world.

End thought…….

Maybe I will go with the slightly flared jeans today, they seem to turn heads. 😛

House of Cards a Netflix Addiction

OK so I am still up and watching ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix. I just finished chapter 50, I been watching this series ever since I first came across it while browsing available movies. I became addicted to it since. I am amazed how Frank Underwood aka the president was able to accept and allow Mrs. Underwood aka first lady. To continue to have an affair with Tom the publicist and speech writer. I guess he really values the marriage and really has an understanding for her needs of which he has not been able to provide. I am wondering what will unfold next as I continue onto the next episode.

I wonder how many real marrages have or are really that flexable. I heard of it but not sure how they make it work out. Perhaps it is the real inner love that is keeping them together and when two people really want to be together they become very understanding of the others needs. Interesting……. I must find out where this tail goes onto next. I wonder where do the writers of this series get their material. I think they really did a great job on this show. I have been so addicted to it since the first episode.